What’s Your Vibe?
Our goal is to help you
intelligently respond to emotion.

Vibeonix is a voice AI-powered app that helps people identify and overcome emotional barriers. It enables users to improve their mental and emotional health while achieving long-term results.

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Gabi is an AI emotional intelligence guide dedicated to helping users learn strategies for cultivating their emotional intelligence. Through personalized recommendations, it assists users in understanding their own thoughts and feelings, communicating and relating better with others, and dealing with difficult emotions.

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Feel empowered with
Vibeonix - Unlock your potential!
  • Heighten self-awareness
  • Improve self-control
  • Become aware of triggers
  • Build emotional resilience
  • Strengthen leadership
  • Optimize mental health
  • Effective problem-solving
  • Better communication
  • Lasting relationships
  • Increase empathy
  • Sound decision-making

Discover the revolutionary way to
improve emotional well-being

Coaches Therapists Practitioners
Coaches Therapists Practitioners

Vibeonix can support you in indentifing your client's emotional barriers with speed and precision. Provide effective solutions that lead to lasting results, with more time to focus on making a positive impact in your community.


Vibeonix's robust and flexible API allows for seamless integration with existing software platforms, making it easy for integrators to incorporate this cutting-edge technology into their products.

For business
For business

Enhanced emotional intelligence in the workplace results in improved communication, relationships, leaderships, and better decision-making. Vibeonix can help your employees develop these essential skills-leading to better job satisfaction, lower turnover, and increased success.


I found the assessment quite on point and informative: my results were full of sorrow. I had lost my best friend to heart disease a few months earlier and was surprised that the results would highlight something I didn't anticipate in advance. Very important technology with vast potential benefits.
Mark Hales

Former President/CEO of Ally Bank

My experience with the Vibeonix voice technology assessment was mind-blowing. Between the depth and breadth of information provided with the assessment, I could identify areas in my life that I could immediately work on to improve. It identified emotions in play that I wasn't aware of.
Randy Scott

Author, Motivational Speaker 

To be honest, I don't know if the assessment was accurate or not because I've never seen a technology like this. There was a huge portion of the information that resonated with me and new insights I gained that I didn't have an awareness of. Going through a single assessment has provided life-changing insight that I've already been able to integrate into my life. I'm excited to keep doing assessments to see what changes have occurred over time and learn if there are other areas where I can improve. Forever grateful.
Igor Walker

Student, Teacher, Author, and Creator

Exceptional! I couldn't stop smiling because, time after time, I felt deep down that the results were not only accurate, they were showing me the path to experience my ultimate capacity for Joy! I am so grateful that this tool exists and has been made available to me! This is a tool that opens the door for a complete transformation!
Jeremy Neves

Founder and President of Marketing Company

My overall experience was wonderful. I adore Kristi and the entire Vibonix team. The assessment was incredibly accurate. I have worked in the personal development industry, transforming the education industry and how people do life. This unique technology brings accountability in ways I haven't seen before.
Jim Bunch

VP of Culture and Training

With Vibeonix, the guessing game is out, and the results are in! Instead of feeling lost in emotions and approaching them with exertion, my clients are excited and curious about which emotions drive their results.
Andrea Christensen

Executive Coach