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Accurately identify emotional barriers, achieve lasting results & enhance emotional intelligence

The struggle is REAL!

  • You want a better way to deliver the tools and support your clients need to heal without burning yourself out.
  • You’re tired of trying to find effective ways to improve your client’s mental health and emotional well-being without seeing the desired results.
  • You know your clients may struggle when they leave your office. You want to be able to help your clients heal and measure progress outside of your session time too.

Revolutionize your approach to therapy and coaching with Vibeonix’s EI technology. Help your clients to harness the power of their emotions to create a more meaningful life and achieve your professional goals – faster than ever before.

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As a coach, therapist, or teacher, how exhilarating it would feel to know exactly how to
  • Eliminate the guesswork and quickly pinpoint the emotions holding your clients back.

  • Track deep insights throughout your client’s their client’s journey and provide simple suggestions to maximize their progress.

  • Help your clients improve their emotional intelligence and harness their emotions as their superpower!

Discover Vibeonix—an evidence-based platform designed for Coaches, Therapists & Practitioners like you! Easily collect and track important data from your clients, helping them leverage their emotions to create a better life and empower them to achieve their goals quicker than ever before.

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Empower your practice with vibeonix

Provide clients best support and care with app's intuitive features for lasting solutions

Providing your clients with ongoing support you can:
  • Increase client engagement
  • Measure your client’s emotional intelligence and emotional states as they progress through treatment.
  • Quantify progress and outcomes for both you and your clients with real-time aggregate data.
  • Enhance coaching skills: Develop a deeper understanding of clients' emotions, motivations, and behaviors, creating more effective coaching strategies.
  • Get greater client satisfaction: Strong understanding of EI creates better connections with clients, leading to higher levels of trust, rapport, and satisfaction.
Unlock new revenue streams with vibeonix

Earn a separate revenue stream for clients accessing the Vibeonix App outside of sessions and set your practice apart by providing a cutting-edge emotional intelligence tool that truly makes a difference.

  • Increase income potential: Offering specialized EI coaching services may allow for higher fees and increased income potential

  • Expand career opportunities: Differentiate yourself in a competitive market and access new clients or job opportunities within organizations that value EI.

What our clients have to say

"As a therapist, I have found Vibeonix to be an invaluable tool in helping my clients better understand their emotions. The interactive and engaging visuals make it easier for clients to identify and recognize their feelings and how they are impacting their lives. It also helps them to find new ways to express and process their emotions.I highly recommend Vibeonix to any therapist who wants to provide a more comprehensive emotional education to their clients." Jennifer, Supervisor Therapist

“I’ve been using Vibeonix for a few months now and it has been an invaluable tool for improving my emotional intelligence.The resources provided have helped me to learn how to take accountability for my feelings and how they affect my life.I’m now feeling more empowered to make healthier choices and no longer feel like a victim. Highly recommended!” Yaxaira, Customer Success Coach

Be ahead of the curve and leverage the power of emotional intelligence technology to revolutionize your practice — and yourself —today.

Seamless integration of vibeonix's cutting-edge emotional intelligence AI technology

Elevate Your Product's Capabilities:

  • Expand your product offerings: PProvide a powerful tool to improve emotional well-being and boost engagement.
  • Stand out from the competition:Our cutting-edge technology is unique and innovative
  • Enhance customer satisfaction: YExperience real-time emotional intelligence analysis and insights, leading to measurable results.
  • Increase revenue: Earn additional revenue by offering specialized emotional intelligence services to your clients.
  • Seamless integration: Use our API integration, with little to no disturbance to your operations.

Grow your capabilities and reach new heights with our cutting-edge voice AI technology.

Here’s what people are saying about VIBEONIX

"“Exceptional! I couldn’t stop smiling because, time after time, I felt deep down that the results were not only accurate, they were showing me the path to experience my ultimate capacity for Joy! I am so grateful that this tool exists and has been made available to me! This is a tool that opens the door for a complete transformation!”
– Jeremy, Founder, and President of Marketing Company

“I found the assessment quite on point and informative: my results were full of sorrow. I had lost my best friend to heart disease a few months earlier and was surprised that the results would highlight something I didn’t anticipate in advance. Very important technology with vast potential benefits.”
– Mark, Former President/CEO of Ally Bank

Expand your offerings and take your project to the next level with our state-of-the-art voice analysis AI technology.

Vibeonix: The app that boosts emotional intelligence for better business
Enhance communication, empathy, and leadership skills among employees

Improved emotional intelligence in the workplace leads to better communication, relationships, leadership, and decision-making. Vibeonix can assist your employees in developing these crucial skills, resulting in increased job satisfaction, reduced turnover rates, and greater success.

  • Improve employee performance
  • Increase employee engagement:
  • Foster a positive company culture:
  • Enhance leadership skills:
  • Improve customer service:
  • Drive revenue growth:
  • Differentiate themselves from competitors:

Check out what people are saying about VIBEONIX

"Vibeonix has been a game-changer for me. I've been able to gain a much better understanding of my emotions and how they influence my life decisions. This has allowed me to make more informed decisions with confidence and clarity. I highly recommend Vibeonix to anyone who wants to gain emotional intelligence, focus and clarity." Kyle, Business Founder, Leadership Coach

"My experience with the Vibeonix voice technology assessment was mind-blowing. Between the depth and breadth of information provided with the assessment, I could identify areas in my life that I could immediately work on to improve. It identified emotions in play that I wasn't aware of." Randy Scott, Author, Motivational Speaker

Let Vibeonix's EI technology revolutionize your workplace culture and ensure your employees' emotional well-being.

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