Your clients have something to say. Literally.
All you need to do is count.
No more surveys.

Count out loud. Tiny fluctuations in your voice have much to say about your current emotional state. Vibeonix's voice AI detects and analyzes them.

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Voice analysis AI is accurate,
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In a clinical study, voice AI is more than twice as accurate as a trained human therapist at detecting elevated levels of emotional distress.

Vibeonix can analyze voice frequencies, amplitudes, and wavelengths. Our algorithm provides real-time insights and data about the user's emotions, EI, self-awareness, management, expression, and empathy.

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Emotional intelligence? We have an app for that.
Identify 4 key components of Emotional Intelligence 
Self Awareness
Self Management
Self Expression

Discover 12 emotions that can be measured through our proprietary voice resonance frequency technology.
This is Smart AI!

Measure and track these emotional markers
Positive Stress
Daily Check-in

This is where it all begins. By just counting, our Voice Analysis AI can determine your current emotional wellbeing. Checking in has never been so easy.

How You're Trending

See the bigger picture by viewing your trending data. Quickly and easily analyzing how you're feeling will make it easier for you to understand triggers and make lasting changes.


See objective, detailed, real-time measurements based on your current emotional states, including happiness, motivation, confidence, fear, stress, loneliness, and many more.


Vibeonix suggests simple, easy micro-actions that end up building into significant changes. These customized steps are personalized to you and designed to set you up for success.

Journal & Affirmations

Sometimes, the best person to listen to is yourself. Record personal affirmations and journal entries in your voice and play them back when only you can help lift yourself back up.

Vibeonix Platform
Incorporate Emotional
Intelligence in your practice
  • Manage your clients. See the instant aggregate data of your group. Drive meaningful conversations with real-time emotional data.
  • Voice has a resonance that carries information...time to listen!
  • Can you sense your client's anger, yet they are unaware of that present emotion?
  • How often have you tried to help your client understand the fear, loneliness, stress, or confusion that keeps them from feeling better?
  • Vibeonix is a voice assessment that objectively shows your client's present emotion and translates through their voice frequencies.
  • Vibeonix is a conversational app that instantly knows your emotional intelligence score suggesting what you need to shift to achieve your desired state.
How would it change your
practice if you could...
  • Increase engagement from your clients
  • Measure your client’s emotional intelligence and emotional states as they progress through treatment
  • See real-time aggregate data of how effective your treatment is, sorted by customized groups (such as caseloads)
  • Earn a separate revenue stream for clients accessing your system outside of sessions
  • Provide clients who are discharging with ongoing support and access to your digital system
You're in good company
Vibeonix has been tested and refined with thousands of assessments and keeps getting better every day.
12000 +


200 +


24000 +


How it works
It’s not what you say,
It’s how you say it

The vast majority of how we communicate is not in what we say, yet most voice research has focused on natural language processing. This emphasizes what users are saying and not the deeper level of communication behind the words.

For example, if someone told you, “I love you,” but the voice was full of anger, would you feel loved? Most likely not, yet it's the words that traditional voice research has been focusing on.

Here at Vibeonix, we’ve made the harmonic qualities of various emotions and feelings our primary focus. We’ve analyzed clinical data and completed thousands of trials to help our AI understand what’s really going on faster and more accurately than ever before. Let’s hear what your voice really has to say.

One app. So many different use cases.

Emotionally intelligent employees have always been the difference for high-performing organization cultures. These skills are the difference between vibrant working cultures and toxic ones.


Follow micro-actions that are designed to build into habits that will improve resilience and increase happiness.


Move faster and further in therapy or coaching sessions by truly understanding your emotional wellbeing.


Through smart data and analytics, AI is transforming the way we see wellbeing industry aims at personalization.


Use self-regulation techniques to improve your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Social Emotional Learning

Improve self-awareness, self-control, and develop stronger interpersonal skills vital for today’s youth.

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Let us show you how Emotional Intelligence grows by
quantifying personalized and unique emotional data.

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